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Friday, September 25, 2009

Embroidered Bed Linen-Fishbone Stitch & Satin variations

Here's the next flower on the bed linen.You would've already seen it in this post . Since I had not mentioned the stitches used, I thought I'll take a fresh pic and post it again.The stitch used is Fishbone stitch for the petals. I used two strands of double colored silk. Fishbone stitch works well for petals as well as leaves. There are quite a few variations of this stitch such as open,closed and raised FB. Here I've used just one - closed fishbone.I plan to use the others too in some other part of the pattern.

Would you believe if I said that the blue silk thread which I've used here is almost 20+ years old?? I got it from my mother.She had bought just a few spools of silk ( may be 3 or 4 colors) for embroidery those many years back .It was lying unused all these years.I flicked it from her :)

The center of the flower is padded satin stitch with chain stitch outline. The leaves too are done with simple satin stitch. Until now I've been using satin stitch for very small parts of the motif. I need to try it on a flower. Not sure how it'll turn out - I've a severe satin stitch phobia :((

There's only one flower in this block. Actually I had run out of flower patterns towards the end ( tired and fed up of drawing and redrawing should be the better explanation) and this one was one of the last I managed to trace.
For those who are interested in learning fishbone stitch,here's a useful link - Fishbone stitch Video tutorial.

Have a nice weekend!! Happy Dussehra to all my fellow Indians out there .

Love,luck and sunshine,

Friday, September 18, 2009

Embroidered bedlinen - Herringbone stitch,Pistil stitch,Cretan stitch

Hi everyone!!!

Iam enjoying a free day today - guests have been packed off, university semester has ended, daughter is playing with her friend and I've not entered kitchen today :))
For those on the other side of the world here's a titbit - we Indians cook every dish from scratch -no preserved or packaged stuff and no microwaving or heating up .Its more like -chopping,roasting,sauteing,grating,grinding etc every day.Hence if we get a few days off from the kitchen, its a blessing at times.Those who have food blogs please excuse :)

But the good news is - I've finally managed to stitch a little more on the bedlinen .Today I can show you the first little flower block with a description of the stitches used. The main aim which I had while putting this project together was to use as many filling stitches as possible.Let me tell you a little more about the idea behind this project.

If you've been a regular visitor here, you would've seen and read about my attempts to learn as many outlining stitches as possible.If you're a first time visitor, you can read all about it here. Once that was done, I wanted to learn about various filling techniques.

Ofcourse, I know quite a few, but I hadn't tried any of those in a major project.And most of the time I see a satin stitch or a long and short stitch being used. Hey,not fair!!!give other stitches too a bit of a chance. I've decided that this bedsheet will be the proud bearer of as many filling stitches I can accomodate.

Here's the first block. Click on the image for a better and closer view.

I've used herringbone filling stitch for the purple flowers. The center of the flower is filled with blanket stitch . I've used the same technique as in the blanket stitched rose .Thanks to rashida for the inspiration.
Herringbone stitch is very popular in Indian embroidery . The good thing about this stitch is that you can use this stitch both ways -from the tip of the petal to the bottom and the other way round - needn't bother about direction at all. We Indians love shortcuts ;)

Last time, when I showed a glimpse of the work in progress, many wanted to know the stitch used here. Well, this is a Pistil stitched flower. I used pistil stitch to fill up the petals which gave a totally different look to a very simple flower. In India, this stitch is also known by the name Lavangam stitch.The center is filled with padded satin stitch.

Now about the leaves.I've used both open and closed cretan stitch for the leaves. The completely filled leaves are stitched with closed cretan. One of the leaves has a mixed color - I blended one strand each of two greens to get that shade.

Another section of the same pattern - cretan stitched again,but did you notice the tips of leaves? I started and ended the leaves with a lazy daisy stitch to get a pointed tip. The flat leaf is outlined with stem stitch, and filled with running stitch on one half and seed stitch on the other half. Go back to the first pic to see another leaf filled with stem stitch on one half and running stitch on the other half.

Iam pretty happy with the way it turned out and enjoyed the whole process of thinking and deciding which stitch to use. For those interested in learning the stitches used ,here are some useful links -

Pistil stitch or long tailed french knot

Herringbone stitch

Cretan stitch

Hope you enjoyed this post.I've started working on another block. Hope to be back with another set of stitches soon.
So, what do you think about my plan? Is the idea of using as many filling stitches as possible a practical one? I've started facing teeny weeny difficulties - not all filling stitches are suitable for flowers.When I look at a flower, the first stitch that comes to my mind is Long and short ; which in turn is followed by Satin stitch.They seem to be the most suitable for almost all flowers.But I want to avoid repetition as much as possible.Hmm..let me see.

Love,luck and sunshine,

Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Hello ,

I hope everyone's still here. How are you all doing? :)
At my end, past couple of weeks have been hectic with festivals ,guests,classes and home management. Today too I've to go for judging a paper presentation event at my University.Before I rush off , I thought of just letting you have a sneak peek at my work on the bed linen .Haven't been able to do much ,since I just about manage to snatch 15 or 20 minutes for stitching once in a couple of days. I'll be giving a detailed description of stitches used for each flower and the techniques too once I settle down a bit - hmm...may be by next week or so ...

Here's the first look....

No description of the stitches for the time being. I'll be back in a few days with the details and ofcourse what I want to learn and share with you with such a huge project.

Meanwhile, Iam planning to launch an agitation against the postal service. Both my giveaways have still not reached their destination. What a system!!! Iam feeling so bad...