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Friday, February 22, 2008

Great resource for Embroidery ,crochet etc

Hello, ladies.. hope all of you had a good day (those who are just starting the day,pls change it to present tense ;-) ) Its 11.46 PM here and Iam about to start work on my project (not the embroidery one, but the technical writing which I do as a part of my effort to earn some bucks while sitting at home ) But before that , here's something which I wanted to share with you all. There's a whole lot of original hand embroidery designs and vintage embroidery transfers and booklets available at . They have been uploaded by Sarah Bradberry .Infact, as she says there's a lot to discover on her site.So girls, if you have time visit the site and enjoy the goodies she offers.Here's the link to the main page .

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Colonial Knots and Fishbone stitch

I'm in the learning mode again.This time it's a stitch called Colonial knot. While looking up for French knots, I'd come across this stitch.

Here I've tried to recreate a grape hyacinth .
If you are wondering about the looks of the flower,let me clarify something-the actual flower is really very pretty .Now you know who's to be blamed :)
The flower,obviously, is done up with innumerous colonial knots and the leaves (unfortunately,a bit oversized) with the fishbone stitch - all with anchor cotton threads. I think, this could be categorized as Brazilian Embroidery. If french knots can be ,why can't colonial knots ? And there is a variation called Raised Fishbone stitch which will give the dimension effect to the leaves.I'll just have draw it a little more daintily and restitch with Edmar threads.What 's your opinion ?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Just a pestering thought

Some questions that have been bothering me for quite sometime now

What is contentment?
Can we 'make' ourselves content? Or is it something we practice to attain?

I'm leading a reasonably good life (note the word -'reasonably'), have a great husband,have a beautiful daughter,have my own job,I pursue my hobbies,have an apartment of our own,have a car...but still if someone asks me how's life? ,I would whine and crib non stop ; which obviously means that means Iam not content.
I could've said that I'm leading a fantastic life,instead of a 'reasonably good life'.But Iam just not able to.I don't want to put on a plastic smile and just say - yup,my life's great!!! I want it to come from within,to be a genuine feeling.Sigh!! I just want to be happy with whatever I have.

Tell me,are u content? Or is just natural for a human to be discontented always ?
Please,if anyone knows the trick to be content do share with me too.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Something old

This one is a painting on fabric done long back-almost 3 years now.The design shows indian fisherwomen dressed in their typical colorful attire.This was a painting kit with the design preprinted on the fabric .It also had 3 or 4 basic colors. All I had to do was to mix different colors to produce new shades and apply them on the design.Just needed some patience for this and not much prowess.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Cast on Stitch-Brazilian Embroidery

Have been playing around with cast on stitch .Here's what I ended up with.

Since it was a trial attempt , I used anchor cotton embroidery threads.The single leaf is done in alternate satin or leaf stitch with some stitches extended a bit to give the edgy look. Does it resemble some flower? I want to give a name to it. I was inspired by a certain kind of flower and was trying to recreate it.And no.. I'm not going to tell you what was it supposed to be..that's a secret... May be you can try guessing :))