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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Rolled Roses Complete

Here's the completed basket of Rolled Roses.

I've used 10 wrap bullions for the buds,10,12,13 and 15 wrap bullions for the roses ,Leaf stitch for the leaves,stem stitch for the stems and branches and couching for the fine growth.The basket of creeping flowers stitched using bullions and french knots can be seen seen here.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Rolled Roses-Brazilian Embroidery

Finally managed to finish a part of the second basket in the Ellen's Basket.This one is called Rolled roses.The stitch used is bullion.
Still a long way to go before attaining perfection,but getting better each time . (atleast,that's what I think :-) )

The picture has been taken from a distance,so not very clear.I'll post a close up once I finish the leaves and branches.The previous basket of creeping flowers which I completed can be seen here

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Sheaf Stitch and Algerian Eye

Two posts in a day!!! That's rare for me :-))

With all the technical writing work going on,I couldn't embroider much for Sharon's TAST.Whatever I could,can be seen in the snaps below.

There's nothing new in there,but the sheaf stitch was a new one for me so I just attempted a few variations with it.Here's a closeup.

Infact,I played a loooo...nnng... catchup and added the Algerian eye stitch which was the TAST challenge for week 6.That's what is seen on the left hand side. The bottom section is wheatear stitch.I started doing the sampler for wheatear on this piece of cloth and then discarded it since I was not too happy with the results and then went on to do this.

I am still trying to complete the second basket in the Ellen's baskets.Will upload the picture soon.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A deadline met

For the past couple of weeks I had been racing against time to finish the documentation of a software project I had taken up as a freelance technical writer.Today was the meeting and discussion with my project manager and I'm glad to say that I've passed the first test.Now I need to make some changes he suggested and wait for him to upgrade the software to a newer version so as to update the document accordingly.
Though I had been teaching computer science for the past 7 years and guiding students on projects,I never had any hands on experience with software development and that was a drawback.But now,when I work in tandem with software developers in documenting their work (to put it simply,writing a help/tutorial to use the software) I feel a sense of satisfaction.All those years away from the industry have not taken its toll.I am still good enough.Did I hear someone say, "Those who can -do,those who cannot,teach"!!! Let him come to me,I'll teach him a thing or two :-))
Anyways,after so many late nights(most would go on until early morning 2 or 3) Iam taking it easy for a couple of days..phew!!!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Long 'n short and Satin Stitch

I tried both long and short(TAST 25) and satin stitch(TAST 22) in the same kind of flower just to see the difference it created in the look.The two flowers on the left hand side are in long 'n short.The pink and white is long and short done radially from the bottom and the orange is in straight long and short from top.The third flower is with satin stitch.My satin stitch was kind of shaky the first time when I did the leaves.You can see it in the leaves of the Orange flower.I did not pull it out coz it would be remind me not to take any stitch for granted,not even satin stitch :-)) I was under the assumption that it was so simple that it could be done in minutes..but,I was wrong.