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Friday, October 21, 2016

Do you know this stitch?

Hi everyone!!

Thank you everyone for the lovely comments on the ruffled skirt. The little lady wore it to school and proudly announced that it was made by her mom :)  Happy, happy me :)

Back to embroidery now... Here's a video I came across during my meanderings in YouTube.

This quick post is to ask you if you know the stitch shown in this video.  I just can't seem to identify the stitch name in English. The name of the stitch in the video is Ponto eletrico (Spanish? Portuguese?)  It is a mix of twisted chain to the top and simple chain to the bottom. Do you remember seeing this somewhere?

It's getting rather cold here and has been raining for the past few days. The toughest part is to venture out and buy groceries - requires a lot of convincing oneself that if you don't go you'll not have anything to eat . Missing our car ,the next door local grocery stores and even the variety of home deliveries in India - we even used to have the option to call the beautician to our home :)

Well , life is all about different experiences and learning to value what we have :) I love the fall colors and the disciplined life here :)

Don't forget to tell me if you know the stitch..
Update : So, finally I have the stitch name --- and it is Braid Stitch. ..phew!! Thanks everyone for trying to help out. Margaret & Carol, you both got it right!!! As Carol wrote, I love a good mystery and it was fun while it lasted :)

Love,luck and sunshine,


Saturday, October 15, 2016

My first ever Crocheted skirt

Hello my blog friends..

The daily German classes and of course homework have been keeping me busy. But its fun to learn something new and I am enjoying my classes. The language school has different levels for German and I plan to do at least a couple or more during our stay here.

At forty, I am one of the oldest in class. But don't they say "Anyone who stops learning is old whether at 20 or 80. Anyone who keeps learning stays young" .  So technically all of us crafters are sweet seventeen :)

I also attempted something I've never tried before - a skirt with crochet. All my previous attempts with crochet have been simple - stoles,beanies and coasters . But being a member of some FB craft groups I happened to come across some really beautiful works and it made me want to try something different .

When it comes to wearable, I am not really comfortable with the measurement part - so a crochet top was out of the question . A skirt seemed to be the safest option since there's only the waist size and length . It was a slow progress - since I ran out of threads multiple times. Luckily the store had the colors in stock. Here it is..

I followed a Youtube video in Russian to get the basic idea - I didn't understand a single word, but I followed her hands :)

I've used three types of yarns - acrylic for the base skirt and variegated wool and cotton for the ruffles. It's quite warm ,but I am afraid the wool ruffle has made it quite heavy too. Next time(if there's one) I'll use only cotton yarn for the ruffles. The one grudge I've is that this pattern needed a lot of yarn - in fact apart from the effort I've put in to make it, I've had to spend about 15 Euros just for the yarn  - that makes it a really expensive skirt!! Why do we've to spend so much to be able to create?
 She was happy to pose!! :)
But anyway,DD is happy, and for me its one desire fulfilled + one crafting target achieved. Of late, I've started keeping a list of what I want to do and then trying them out one by one.Trying to do things randomly seems to take me nowhere. Do you too keep a list? 

That's another teeny weeny frock I crocheted just because I loved the way it looked :)
And that is my German kursbuch in the background.

Now, I am off to pick up the Brazilian Embroidery again. A new flower needs to be tried out. :)

Love,luck and sunshine (cold sunshine !!)