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Hi,I am Deepa from Bangalore,India.I juggle between content writing and teaching computer science . Embroidery is my passion and I can spend hours stitching. I  have been blogging about my embroidery projects at This and that...my random thoughts for the past 7+ years. I hope you enjoy my little space in the blogosphere. Thanks for visiting!!!

Friday, April 02, 2010


Yes, you guessed it right !! :)
After 7 and 1/2 months of effort and more than 35 stitches and techniques later, the bedspread is finally done...

Here it is...washed and lightly ironed.

Another view. I've pointed the last block with an arrow.The stitches used are long and short stitch and fern stitch. I plan to stitch this block again on another cloth just to get the hang of L & S. I must admit,before I started this stitch, I had a lot of inhibitions - but as I progressed, I found myself enjoying the intricacies.

Here is one more pic. The otherwise perfect ending was marred by two things - one,entirely my mistake and the second,not under my control at all. After I'd washed the sheet and hung it out to dry, I noticed the color of Kashmir work block running. I soaked the section a couple of times to lighten the colors. The next issue was the shape of the wreath. The section near the long and short block and herringbone block is a little squished. It now looks as if someone has taken a bite out of the floral pancake. I think I can correct it if I add a few lazy daisy flowers there. Click on the pics above and look for the 'deepashome.blogspot' watermark to see the problem areas.

Aaahh...that's it,then...Thanks to all my lovely blogland friends who've been very encouraging with their comments and suggestions.It truly was a great learning experience. Was it useful for you too?
If anyone needs the pattern for any of the blocks please leave a comment here. I do not have a scanner,but I can take a closeup photograph and post the pic.Do let me know if you're keen on embroidering any particular block. Has anyone been trying these stitches alongwith me? I would love to read about your attempts too.The links for the entire bedlinen project have been listed here. It is also available in the sidebar.

Now that I've completed this,the question that has naturally comeup is - what next? - Oh, there are plenty of stuff to be tried ,tested and learnt - drawn thread,needlepoint,black work,dimensional embroidery...the list is endless.Indian embroidery also cannot be ignored for long. Let me take some time and decide. I'll let you know what Iam upto in a few days.

Wishing you a very Happy and Fantabulous Easter,

Love,luck and sunshine,


Debbie said...

Absolutely gorgeous, Deepa! Sorry about the running color. Do you think a bleach pen would work on it? Be sure to neutralize it after.

nima said...

wow...that looks gorgeous...

Miriam said...

Congratulations with your finish, you did a marvellous job!

Srilatha said...

This looks soo lovely. Congrats on finishing this Deepa.. I loved all the WIP posts. Each block has come out so well. The sunflower block is my favorite. I hope you can do something about the herringbone block.
Enjoy reading your blog. Eagerly waiting to see what you'll do next.

Heather said...

Deepa, absolutely brilliant and gorgeous too! How sad about the one set running... that is very frustrating, however, it gives it the character of an heirloom handmade piece that can never be replaced. As for the "missing chunk", I definitely think you can bring it in line with "circle" by either adding some little flowers as you say, or matching vines to the blog. Great job, can't wait to see what you work on next! Hugs.

Miss 376 said...

It's beautiful and it didn't seem as if you had been doing it that long. Looking forward to seeing which project you do next

Eager Needler said...

Congratulations Deepa! What a fantastic job!! I totally agree with you on the l&s stitch - intimidating, but good fun.

Walden said...

It is still beautiful!!

Jisha Madhu said...

It is really nice to see ur work completed... Congrats. The outcome is superb. Me and my friends were eagerly waiting for each post. We really enjoyed each sessions very well. For me the spiral trellis stitch of the sunflower block found more interesting.

JishaMadhu, Muscat.

Deepa said...

Thanks everyone!!

This is the first time I've heard of bleach pen.Iam not sure if we get it over here.Let me check out.


Ramya said...

The work is just beautiful. Inspite of the problems you mentioned, the word still looks beautiful! I would love to work on several blocks of this design, but now I'm in the middle of making some handmade embroided cards. Once I'm done with them I will check with you to find out if you can email me pics of the blocks.

Thanks and looking forward to seeing your next project!

meri said...

Hi Deepa! This is lovely and I want to try some of your stitches in these projects for sure!
Have a Good Easter!

Prabha Balaji said...

Fantastic work.

Kristen said...

It is beautiful!

Ninu said...

wow!!its really beautiful.. was waiting to see the whole garland!! its really gorgeous

❦TattingChic said...

P.S. Happy Easter! :)
~TattingChic ♥

Anusuya said...

WOW Deepa..its absolutely gorgeous n lovely...i just cudn't stop admiring it...great job!!!hope to see more soon...R u going to do pillow covers to go with the sheet?


sujatha said...

congratulations for completing such a great job! It's really really nice.
Looking forward to your further projects.

Sangheetha said...

Hey Deepa,
Great Job done, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all stitches, did not try anything though :)
But it was good to see some embroidery with no repeating patterns. The end product is really eye-catching and worth the efforts of months.
Thanks for blogging the details.
Great Job.

jayashree venkat said...

Hello Deepa,
Talent in true colours.Unless you make a mention these flaws are not visible.Artists are experts in corrections.Looking forward for the next project.

Sue said...

Hi Deepa its beautiful and your stitching is beautiful. Thanks for letting us share your work Happy Stitching Sue

Madhavi said...

wow..just beautiful. looking forward to see what next you gonna start :)

Kirti said...

Hi Deepa,

The bedspread looks stunning and so very colourful.Great work.


Patty said...

This is so pretty! I love how it looks. You did a wonderful job.

shirley said...

Deepa, absolutely gorgeous you must be very proud of this.