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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Found!! Chementhy stitch reference

Iam doing a happy jig - do you know why? I finally found some reference to the chementhy stitch,thanks to Anne of .Both of us were trying to find if an English name existed for the stitch. Anne had a copy of this issue and she mailed me informing that in the book it is known as Herringbone variation.
Unfortunately, this is the back issue of Stitch Magazine published by the embroiderers guild and it has been sold out.But there is a teeny weeny picture at the bottom of this page here.
In India there is only one needlework magazine and that too is not available in shops-probably because selling embroidery related materials is not a huge business here.And that is the reason you get to see the same type of threads and colors in this blog.When all of you in other parts of the world work with different types of threads and techniques, I can only drool...may be one day,I too will get a chance to try them out. Ofcourse, currency is also another reason.When the dollar,pound or euro is converted to Indian currency it becomes unaffordable.After a lot of additions,subtractions and considering the family budget - hobby is given the last preference. :)

Anyways, those of you (lucky chaps!!)who have subscribed the Stitch Magazine,refer the feb 2005 issue and there'll you'll get to see the Chementhy stitch .


méri said...

I suffer from the same thing: I can only drool...
Those magazine subscriptions are very expensive for me...

Glass Beads said...

That is true Deepa, these magzines are too expensive for us. Last Saturday I was on MG road book stalls and all these magzines are just unaffordable. I had to just flip thru them and that is it.

Anonymous said...

No, no, Stitch magazine is not so expansive than "Cloths paper, scissors" or quilting arts.
I am subscriber since 5 or 6 years and At this date, It was possible to buy some old issues (I have bought some before my subsciption), now, Stitch is more known and so.........The old issues are out.It's excelent ressource!
I live in France, not in England , perhaps out of Europe, the price is more expansive!!Sorry!