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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Kamal Kadai- Another possible example ?

Had a pleasant surprise today when I happened to see Janet's Post on Unusual embroidery ..and guess what ? - it was a piece of fabric embroidered with kamal kadai stitch .
Janet has also mentioned that it looks similar to a style called tenerife and I agree with her.
Teneriffe embroidery are taken from teneriffe lace, a needle made sun lace that can trace it’s origin back to the 16th century.Kamal kadai looks to be a simplified version of the same. Have a look at this butterfly design created using tenerife..absolutely cool ,is n't it?
This world is such a small place...Iam stumped!!!
(Links on Tenerife obtained from : Primrose design)


Glass Beads said...

hi deepa

I just returned from janet's blog and left a link to your kamal kadai there.


janet said...

Thank you Deepa (and Anitha) for helping to identify the embroidery. I knew we were on the right track but our picture didn't quite look like the other examples. Too similar to be a coincidence though, so they all must have the same origins :)

Deepa, I see that you've already linked to my blog and I'm now linked back to you. Sorry it took me so long. You have some great tutorials and patterns and I think my readers would love to see them if they haven't already. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I have some clothes with Teneriffe lace (an island no far of Spain and Africa) brought by my mother, but they are embroidered in natural or white. I like the idea of colors!!!

Emily said...

Anna Magazine has this stitch in a project using cut work embroidery. Jan 07 issue. I never even thought about that there is no need to cut away the fabric around it.. hmm It's an interesting stitch. Lots of possibilities!

Patty said...

I love when I am reading a blog and your name pops up! :) I saw this on Primrose Design -- it really is pretty. I wanted to let you know I tagged you to share some quirks about yourself. If you feel like doing that, you can get details here.

Patty said...

Deepa,I just saw an DMC embroidery booklet from 1931 on teneriffe lace and remembered seeing it mentioned on your blog. It's a pdf at

There are other booklets on cross stitch and embroidery there, and these are just the ones from DMC. Go to and look under Books for ones by Theresa de Dillmont. I think I'm going to be here all night.