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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Free Cross stitch Patterns

Hello, ladies.This one is for cross stitch lovers.There's a whole lot of cross stitch charts being digitized and uploaded at myauntsattic . As the name suggests, all these charts were recovered from the attic - good for us, right? :))
Come on then,don't waste time. Click on each month category and all you'll see will be charts,charts and charts.


Miss 376 said...

Thank you for the link and pattern. Something for my son to do!

Hanah said...

Hi Deepa,
I am trying to get some evenweave cloth a higher count (around 20 or 25) for doing a small crossstich pattern. I am not sure where I can get this cloth in Bangalore. I have tried for Aida or Hardanger cloth but am not able to get it anywhere. If you know of any place, can you please let me know.

Deepa said...

Which part of bangalore are you in?
Have you tried Jayanagar,KR Market or Chickpet?
Vinayaka stores at 4th block jayanagar have a textile section alongside there embroidery supplies store. May be you could try there.
Hope this helps,

Hanah said...

Hi Deepa,
Thanks. I can reach Jayanagar 4th block easily. I will try these stores. Is there some other name for the cloth which I should ask for instead of Aida or Hardanger? Something like Matti? Whenever I ask for cloth for doing crossstich, I am shown Matti cloth but that does not suit my needs as the count is very less..
Thanks again.

Deepa said...

Not too sure Hanah. Iam trying to ask a few friends of mine.Most talk about 14 could aida matty. Do try in Jayanagar 4th block vinayaka or inside the complex.I sincerely hope you get what you want.