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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Finished atlast-Ms.Lily in the garden

I've finally finished my very own BE project.Here it is.

Iam still undecided about the butterfly near the lady.Should I or should I not?? It looks rather artificial there.

Here are some snaps of the various flowers.

Flowers stitched using double caston and french knots for the center.Lazy daisy for the red flowers.

Flowers with Bullion, cross needle method and button hole wheel
Flowers with french knots, bullion and lazy daizy.
Bullion flowers...

Bird bath and flowers with blanket stitch,cas ton and detached buttonhole.The red flower on the left of the bird bath was my rather pathetic attempt to recreate a tulip :)) Now you know why I refrained from naming the flowers.Either they don't resemble the actual ones or they are just the product of my imagination.However, Iam rather proud about this whole thing..all my are free to get inspired from the snaps,but do link back to me please.

Iam off to wash the piece.Hopefully the colors won't run.Will update you on the aftermath of the same.


Anonymous said...

a patient, delicate and long work.....I understand what you leave us without message!!!

Sew Bettie said...

Wow! Your technique is amazing.

Judy said...

This piece is gorgeous. What do you plan to do with the project? Are you going to frame it? Make it into a cushion? You should be very proud of your work. Congratulations!

Patty said...

It's beautiful!

Sita said...

great piece of work;Congratulations.the flowers are really beautiful especially the blanket/buttonhole stitched ones.

prabha said...

Hi deepa,

ur work is amazing.

which thread have u used?


Anonymous said...

your work is just wonderful.what kind of thread have you used here?

Deepa said...

Hello Anon,
Thanks for visiting. I've used Edmar Rayon threads.Those are the threads used for BE.

akshatha said...

hi deepa !
i just came cross your site and found it very resourceful... i love embroidery and yes i love the bullion flowers nice and neat!

NaliniAnbarasu said...

can i use 'cone thread' for brazilian embroidery? for brazilian embroidery, is any specified thread available in the market? iam in Bangalore

NaliniAnbarasu said...

do you know mount mallick stitch/

Deepa said...

I've not tried mountmellick.But one day I'll :)
Yes you can use cone thread for BE.But that makes it only one type of thread.Brazilian embroidery uses several types of rayon threads,those are not available here . I buy it from U.S. I supply the threads to those who need it here. If you want the threads pls mail me.