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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Our major 'Joint Venture' :)

7 AM : Meghna was up and about as usual.Her father and myself took turns in trying to get her tooth brushed.
7.30 AM: Finally , I emerge as the winner. Next, a glass of milk mixed with a little tea so as to let her feel that she's also drinking tea :)
8.00 AM: Breakfast done with, hubby left for work.Seeing me eating , she also asked for the same ,but once served she refused to eat and started to play around. Fed her in between.
8.30 AM: Water colors out, both of us were at our creative best :) She painted a cow blue!!!!
8.45 AM : Bat and ball..but only for 15 minutes. I was hit on the lip with the bat,retired hurt!!!
9.00 AM: Ring -a - ring - a roses..I was running out of ideas already!!!
9.10 AM: Eureka !! Out came a handful of all the cereals in the kitchen, gum ( kamm,in her language) and a sheet of handmade paper.
And the result was this...

Yay.....we spent almost AN HOUR on this(that's y its a major joint venture) although her time was used up for squeezing out the glue and pulling out rather than putting in.
10.00 : What next???
... And thus the story continues :)

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