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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Navar work / Kamal Kadai and Weaving stitch

Time for a new post!!! And a new block on the bedlinen!! Well, this time its not much of a block, couple of flowers actually. Here they are...

These are the flowers which connect the half circles of the floral wreath at the top and bottom .They are the only flowers which I've repeated throughout the design. I've used the very famous needle weaving style popularly known as Kamal Kadai or Navar work . This method is also known by the name polka spider / Tenerife/Nanduti in other parts of the world. I've also used another needle weaving method called the Queen Anne stitch or the weaving stitch for the leaves on the block above. Here's the tutorial for weaving stitch

The shape of the flowers are a little different from the usual floral pattern shown in this Kamal Kadai tutorial . I adjusted a little by increasing the number of foundation stitches from the center to all sides of the petal.

There's just one more block left ,but to stitch that block I need to practice my long and short stitch. I've already started with Mary's Long and short stitch lessons,but the results are not very encouraging.

First of all, I didn't have the exact shades listed there, so I went with my color sense ( which could be real bad at times) .Besides,one needs to experiment,right? I did check the flickr group of these lessons to see if anyone was as adventurous as me...I didn't find any :( Most have gone with the colors mentioned in the lessons.

Secondly, did you notice my mistakes? I've marked with black lines on the pic - the direction of my stitches have gone haywire (thin lines) .The thick dark line shows where I should have stitched with darker shade . Anyways,Iam off to start the next lesson - may be the performance will be better next time.

See you soon, my dearest friends..

Love ,luck and sunshine,

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Trellis stitching sunflower petals- a tutorial

Last post I'd explained about how I stitched the sunflower petals with free Trellis stitch. Since there were no photos alongwith the explanation, I believe it was difficult to understand. Here's a quick step by step on how to fill the petals.

Step 1: Outline one side of the petal with stem stitch from bottom to the tip.

Step 2 : Make a small foundation stitch on the other side.

Step 3: Come up at the tip again.

Step 4 : Stem stitch the remaining portion.

Step 4 : Come up at the top ,at the position shown in the picture below.

Step 5 : Insert the needle carefully into the foundation stitch as shown below.

Step 6 : Wrap the thread around the needle over and under. Pull the thread through to form the knot.

Step 7: Go down to complete the first row.

Step 8 : Come up again on the left side,slightly below the first row. Insert the needle into the bar formed by the previous knot. Repeat this process throughout. As the width of the petal increases,the number of stitches will also increase.

For the completed petals and flower, see this post.

Hopefully the method is now clear to all of you.In case of any doubts,please feel free to ask . My classes have ended and Iam enjoying my free time :) That's why the increase in the frequency of posts. If everything works out fine, I'll be soon back with the final blocks on the bedlinen.
Till then,

Love,luck and sunshine,

Sunflower block update - Embroidered bedlinen

Hi everyone,

Many thanks to those who attempted to answer the guess question on sunflower block. Most of you have got the Trellis part right. Let me fill in the rest of the details of the stitches used.

I'd kept aside this part of the pattern specifically for Trellis family. Although I'd been admiring the Trellis stitch for a long long time,I'd not attempted it. Besides there was always a confusion - each time the 'Trellis stitch' looked different - sometimes spiral, sometimes straight and sometimes couched. So I decided to tackle this confusion and get rid of it forever through this block.

The center of this flower is Trellis Couching. Trellis Couching/Trellis filling/Jacobean couching is a type of Laid work .And, what you see above is not the only way to do Trellis Couching -you can also fill the surface with foundation stitches and then do the couching. (Courtesy :Embroidery stitches b y Mary Webb)
But the above method of stitching vertical and horizontal bars and couching them with a cross stitch seems to be the most popular.Here is the link: Arts and designs

The petals are stem stitch filled using three strands of silk. Anchor perle cotton was used for the center.

In this flower, I tried THE Trellis stitch. The name is confusing bcoz there's another Trellis used in pulled thread embroidery,and also in smocking.See this link .
The center of the flower has been stitched with Spiral Trellis stitch. There are two very good references for this stitch over at thistlethreads in the form of a photo tutorial and at Just string.

For the petals, I used the same method with three strands of silk .Here's how I did it.

  • I outlined the petal with stem stitch.At the tip I made a small foundation stitch on the right outline and then covered it with a stem stitch. This foundation stitch is where I'll insert my needle for the wrap.
  • Then started from the tip of the petal under the stemstitch on one side,inserted the needle into the foundation stitch from bottom to top ,wrapped the thread around the needle in the trellis way (over and under) and pulled the needle to form a knot.
  • I then went down to complete the row . The first row needs only one knot.
  • To start the next row,I came back to the left and repeated the above procedure on the bar formed in the previous row. This was repeated for all the rows.

I hope my explanation is good enough for those who want to try this method. There's no tutorial for the way I've stitched the petals. Mary Corbett of needle'n thread does have a video of trellis stitch,but it is slightly different. You can still watch - but it differs in 3 aspects -
a) Outlining - I've outlined with stem stitch
b) Needle insertion - she has inserted the needle from top to bottom (that's into the square). I did it in the reverse - bottom to top
c) The direction - Mary stitches in both the directions.I've always stitched from left to right.

Well, that completes my looooooooooong post on Trellis. I will be back with next block soon.

Love,luck and sunshine

Friday, March 05, 2010

Sunflowers - Embroidered bedlinen

Not many words today...the pictures will speak for themselves...
Homework for my dear friends who visit deepashome - guess the stitches used in this block !!
( this should be very very simple :) )

The embroidery in this flower is far from perfect...My first attempt, and a tiring one too.But I'm happy with the end result.

Love, luck and sunshine,