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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Nakshi Kantha-An art unparallelled

Since we're talking about Kantha work, I thought I'll show you a few pictures of Nakshi Kantha (embroidered quilts) Traditionally, these are never sold . They are only gifted. But now things have changed. The pictures Iam going to post below is from a site I referred to for information about Kantha.This is the link : http://sos-arsenic.net/lovingbengal/quilt.html

Don't fall off from your chair ...Here they come...

These are embroidered quilts where the embroiderer has recorded her life story. I still can't believe that these are made with running stitch as the fundamental stitch. What are the other stitches used for Nakshi Kantha? Does anyone know about those stitches?

Meanwhile,can someone get me one,just one quilt? One quilt is all I ask....

Love,luck and sunshine,


meri said...

This is absolutely amazing!!!
Lovely! Thanks for sharing this BEAUTY!!!

The Quilted Librarian said...

Thanks so much for sharing these, Deepa. The work is just stunning.
Kind regards,

Miss 376 said...

Stunning! It was interesting to read the history and the different types of kantha work, thank you

Heather said...

Deepa, all I can say is stunning! Hugs.

Mahalakshmi said...

Deepa,the research done was excellent.Your blog is getting more informative.Keep it up.

arlee said...

Deepa, i have some questions that you may be able to answer--ignore my previous comment :) I'm wondering about some of the border patterns for Kantha--could you email me privately at arlee dot ar at gmail dot com please??????

angelicapinto said...

these pictures of the kantha embroidery are beautiful

Anonymous said...

Deepa - I know the lady who embroidered most of these pieces. Her name is Suraiya Rahman. She is quite elderly now, can't stitch anymore, but many of the girls who used to work with her are still stitching. I live in Dhaka, might be able to work something out for you. What is the best way to contact you?


PS -- Some friends of mine are producing a documentary film about Suraiya. It should be released soon.

Deepa said...

If you're reading this,please mail me at deepabalagopal@gmail.com . By posting as anonymous user , you left me no option but to answer here.


Sandra Heavey said...

These are beautiful Deepa! Thank you for sharing them :-) I love textiles, specifically Indian. Please keep them coming. X