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Hi,I am Deepa from Bangalore,India.I juggle between content writing and teaching computer science . Embroidery is my passion and I can spend hours stitching. I  have been blogging about my embroidery projects at This and that...my random thoughts for the past 7+ years. I hope you enjoy my little space in the blogosphere. Thanks for visiting!!!

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

The stitching continues & some color confusions

Hello everyone..

Bangalore is gloomy today..sunny boy seems to be upset with the wind and the clouds pestering him and has gone into hiding. It is reported that majority of  Indians are lacking in Vitamin D, with this climate we may need to get supplements 

Meanwhile, my anchor kit experiments continue. After completing the first flowery bush, I moved on to the next. The pattern and the instructions looked fine enough. And I stitched... But as I was completing the first part, it just didn't look right. The instructions just asked for fly stitch,but  the outcome did not resemble the picture provided.In fact, it looked awful - not like flowers at all.

I've posted below the picture shipped with the kit and this was the look I expected .I tried twice - but it just didn't turn out to be that way. Then I realized - the angle of the leaves were all wrong.The marked lines which I had assumed to be of leaves were not meant for leaves. I just hate incomplete and confusing instructions!!!  Well, that was it...I picked out everything and decided to do it my way.

The leaves were stitched with fly stitch and the flowers with fly stitch and lazy daisy in the middle.The colors were changed from dark to dark+ light and finally the lightest shade at the top.You can click on the pics for a better view.

The bottom leaves were stitched with cretan stitch/feather stitch. Have you noticed that feather stitch and cretan stitch are similar? - It is just the matter of changing the angle in which we stitch and you get presumably two different stitches!!

Then came the next bunch of flowers..they were meant to be stitched with white and green with a tinge of light orange and with some purple seed beads. But they looked too dull to me.Of course, it does match with the colors specified for the pattern.

 I made them yellow and red..

And this is how the pattern looks right now. What do you think? If given a choice, which one would you go for - The original colors or a color of your preference?
Meanwhile, my soon to be nine year old has put her baby steps into the world of crocheting. She made these with a little help from me..

How time flies!! When I started blogging, Meghna was barely two years old and now in a month's time she'll celebrate her 9th birthday..
I must also say thank you to many of my friends I made here in the blogging world, who have been with me in this journey. A big thank you hug from me to all of you. If you're reading this, do please leave a comment with your blog address - my hiatus from blogging and the demise of google reader has led to the loss of several blog addresses that I used to visit. I am now trying to get used to bloglovin - but it is not as good as Reader.Sigh!!
Till we meet again,

Love,luck and sunshine,

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Stitching according to your taste...

Hello everyone!!

It took a while to get settled back to routine after the months of shopping,planning and finally executing the marriage in our family.In the past few months,we had spent so much time in shopping and enjoying it  that we now miss it terribly. It is as if we have nothing else to do .Sigh!!
But the credit card bills serve as a reminder that let the good memories remain and let the daily life go on :)

So I picked up my anchor stitching kit and started off . The first target was the smallest bush.

Here's how the pattern looks.

I stitched the leaves on the ground with cretan stitch and the small ones with fern stitch.

Once that was done, I started with the flowers.The instructions asked for only one shade of violet,but I felt that the flowers would look too dull. I opted for three shades and used detached chain stitches to stitch them.

At the base a darker shade was used,followed by a lighter one and the lightest one on top.A few more green lazy daisies and feathers stitches at the base and the plant was done..well, that's what I thought...

Then, I noticed that something was amiss. The cretan stitch leaves did not look right.
Was it because they were not angled properly?
Nope..They did not look bad, but they were not superb looking either. After some thought, I understood what was wrong - the leaves were not filled completely - the white fabric was being seen through gaps between the stitches. It did not look natural enough.

Now what??  Should I remove it all and stitch again?
Who me??
In the area where I work - there is a term called workaround which means we try to find a solution to the problem without destroying what we've already made .May not be as good as doing it from scratch,but it'll work. That's exactly what  I did this time, but I'll not advise it always :)
I filled up the gaps with straight stitches and this is how the flowery bush looks now.

I like it much better than the original version below. What do you think?

Just because we have a kit with a set of instructions, does not mean that we've to follow them to the minutest detail. Use your own ideas and give it your personal touch.

Now to the next bunch of flowers...
Love,luck and sunshine,

Saturday, May 03, 2014

The 22 Pound wedding dress and some pics

Finally...my brother is not a bachelor anymore. Here's the pic of him with his bride.

Her wedding lehenga was embroidered and embellished with stones and weighed 10 kilos (22 Pounds). It'll be reaching our home soon and then I'll show you some close up pics. My brother's sherwani was also embellished with stones.

On the other hand,my sari for the wedding was lightweight with simple embroidery patches and sequins all over. The fabric was net and hence not heavy at all.Here it is..

 Here is a close up of the embroidery on the sari. The sari in itself has three colors - Peach,Pink and Purple.

Since we're talking about wedding attire, why leave the footwear behind? My footwear for the marriage also had some embroidery in it and lots of stones. You can click on the pic for a better view.

 What you see below is my DH's pair of Jootis. Jootis do not have left and right foot distinction. You can wear them on any foot.

Well, I'll stop it here though there's lots to show and tell. For two days, we were treated like royals , made to eat non stop ( I need to check how much I have gained) , and made to dance non stop (maybe that would've kept me from gaining too much). It was fun and a welcome change from the daily routine and mundane chores. The only thought that bothers me is what should be done with all these stuff we've bought.The biggest issue with the wedding attire is that they cannot  be repeated. Such a colossal waste!!

Will come back with some pictures of SIL's wedding dress and her jewellery.
Till then,
Love,luck and sunshine...