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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Goodies galore and wee stitching

A long awaited package arrived today in my name. The second one in the past 9 months. Back in India the letter box would always have something or the other meant for me - though most of it was junk, it was still mail.  It's a different story here :)

Here are the contents!!
All shades...yum,yum..

I had ordered the complete set of Floche a Broder from sometime in mid August when they had the half price international shipping offer. The package reached Germany on September 3rd and got stuck at the customs.If it was not for the timely help from Joady of Hedgehog Handworks ,it would've remained there.

For those who would like to try DMC Floche a Broder and other needle-craft related supplies, I would gladly recommend Hedgehog Handworks. I wish I had ordered more since it is practically impossible to find many things here. May be, when there's another sale...

Ok, since I said that this is the second mail that arrived in my name, I need to show you the first one.

Thanks once again, MA aka Magpie :)
When the above postcard arrived home, it caused quite a stir - since this was the first personal mail  that we got after a long list of German tax payment letters, invoices, bank statements etc  :)  

The third goodie is a table cloth.While visiting Regensburg, I came across a couple of ladies selling some used items in the street. Among the stuff on sale, there were quite a few framed cross stitch works, crochet pieces and table cloths. This particular one caught my eye because it was so neatly done.

Some one had combined applique and embroidery together . Every stitch was perfect.

The blanket stitch around the petals are so neat and uniform. I can't imagine the amount of time it would've taken to stitch each flower.

And the colors of the fabric used for the!!

To top it, the perfect herringbone stitch around the edges..
It was so beautiful , I didn't  have the heart to bargain.I just paid what they asked for . I had to come away quickly from there since my daughter and DH were getting impatient. Had they been in either a kids store or electronics store...this wouldn't be the case.
How I wish I had talked to them and asked them about the person who embroidered it.Since the language is a barrier, I am always hesitant to strike up a conversation with people here. Lost opportunities...sigh!!

Finally, my stitching in the past few weeks was confined to this tiny cast on flowers...

15 cast on wraps and three petals each .Easy peasy!!!
Next weekend we'll be visiting a friend and his family in  Netherlands - just a short trip of four days. Being in Europe gives us the opportunity to see places we otherwise would never be able to. So we're making of our time here.

Till next post,
Love,luck and sunshine,

Monday, August 29, 2016

Cast-on stitch flowers

Hi everyone!!

Our Paris visit went on quite well, although we found it a little difficult to switch our senses ,which is now used to hearing and reading German, to French. More than once I found hubby dear talking in German while ordering food in France. And he looked super confident. Mind you, this is the same person who speaks in English while he is here. He logic was simple -  most people here do not know German (hopefully), so I can show off whatever I know - heh,heh..

Here in Erlangen, the school has reopened and we have settled to our daily routine. I've finally registered myself for the language classes which starts in the last week of September. Three hours a day till January..phew!! I am gearing up for the new experience and the homework :)

I have continued to add BE flowers on to the linen piece - this time vertically on one side.

The stitch is a variation of cast on stitch and was a little tricky.The first couple of petals took several attempts.It is called Poinsettia - difficult but pretty.

Then I stitched a simple cast on flower with a color I've never tried before. It is too dark and I am not too fond of it. I hope the yellow in the middle brightens it up a bit. It needs some more fine growth and wee bit of brightening up.

The Poinsettia and the cast on flower are along the width of the cloth - top and bottom. In the middle I am stitching some tiny cast on flowers again. But they are not looking too good right now.

Hmm.. see,what I meant? I'll have to redo it.

Let me just correct it and I'll be back soon..

Love,luck and sunshine,

Friday, July 22, 2016

Stitching randomly - some Brazilian embroidery

The last time I posted BE was way back in 2013. That's a big gap!! I realized it just now - when I looked up my posts while writing this one. {smile}

So, fresh after completing Hope and encouraged by the fact that I've actually planned and executed a design on my own - I decided to try my talent {grin} in Brazilian embroidery. Psst..Those are the only threads I've here with me other than the stranded cotton -and oh yes some white work threads too.

I have brought along some linens gifted by Meri and I am determined to embroider on all of them before my German adventure ends. Armed with my rayon threads and milliner's needles, I began...

The first flower was something which I'd never attempted before.It was not difficult, but time consuming and yes, it looked really big.

After completing it and looking at it size, I had my doubts - was this one going to be a misadventure? Maybe, I still had the tiny-dainty-flower-hangover after Hope :)

So, I left it alone and tried another one -a Japanese violet . I've stitched Japanese violet multiple times and each time I've failed to keep the bullions in shape.

It was a struggle this time too, but I managed it better than the earlier two attempts except for a couple of petals. I've still not gotten anywhere near the perfect Japanese Violet. One more attempt is in the offing.

Then some fine growth and embellishments were added to the li'l big flower, Dahlia.

And went for another flower I haven't tried for a long long time - the cast on flower.Here she is...

So, now the pattern looks like this...

Is it just for me, or are these images looking blue?

I am happy with what I am seeing right now, but,yes there's still scope for some tiny additions to make the whole block look like one. Some more fine growth,perhaps?

The fabric piece is a long one - so there's still a lot of space left. I'm going to add some more blocks in the corners. I am envisioning it as a table runner. Let us see it how its end up.

I hope you enjoyed looking at them as much as I did stitching them up. Making up design on the go is fun.

The weather is pleasant, school is closed for summer and there are colors all around. :) Next month, we are visiting Paris - our first trip outside Germany.

Love,luck and sunshine,